Being a Landlord is difficult

Between maintaining your property, keeping your tenants happy, and asking for rent. Renting an apartment is hard. But we can help.

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Rent Payment

Using Stripe, you can allow tenants to pay online. No more depositing checks.

Issue Tracking

Quickly track and fix issues on your properties to make your tenants happy.

Tenant Chat

Stay in touch with your tenants. Chat with your tenants without having to give out your phone number.


Remind your tenants to pay rent. Never have to worry about rent payment again. Your tenants will be thanking you!


"LivingRoom is the easiest software I've ever used. In just a few clicks, I was all set up and my tenants were paying rent online! I love it!"

Adam O'feeney


"Managing issues through LivingRoom has been a lifesaver. I fix problems fast, and the tenants are so happy with the quick response they get."

Chris Power

Owner, Browntree Properties

LivingRoom is Live!

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