4 Steps to allowing pets in your apartments

12 June, 2018

Believe it or not, the majority of renters own pets. If you don’t allow your tenants to have pets in your property, you could be missing out on a large potential customer base. It’s a tough decision to allow dogs or cats in your property. To make your decision easier; here are 4 easy steps you can take when allowing pets.

1. Make Rules around waste cleanup

In property management, it’s always good to be explicit and up front about your rules. When allowing a dog in an apartment that you manage, it’s imperative that you’re upfront about waste cleanup within your property.

Make sure to set the expectation that your tenants must clean up after their pet’s “waste”. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to add a fee for non-pickup to your lease agreement. Actually enforcing this fee is completely up to you, but it’s best to have something in writing in case things get out of hand. Perhaps add a $25 charge whenever waste is found on the property during a scheduled checkup. This will set the expectation that you won’t allow waste to be piling up in a back yard due to neglectful tenants.

2. Make a place for waste

I think it’s important to make it easy for people to do the right thing. Having a trash can specifically used for dog waste is a great way to get your tenants to clean up after their pets. Make sure to place this garbage receptacle close to the area any pets are allowed to roam, so there is less work involved for the tenant to clean things up.

When utilizing a garbage can for waste. Make sure it gets cleaned out regularly. The last thing you want is complaints that smelly refuse is piling up near your tenants place of residence.

3. Take an extra fee for pets

Any pet could cause some damage to your rental unit(s). A really great way to protect against damage is to add an extra fee to your security deposit for pets. Adding just $200 or more could go a long way to cleaning up stains or damage caused by a dog or cat. Whenever a tenant moves out. Make sure to inspect the unit right away to note any damages caused by pets and charge accordingly.

4. Be patient

Dogs can be a great addition to your property
Dogs can be a great addition to your property

It’s always best practice to set up rules to protect yourself as a landlord. However, it’s also important to be patient with certain things. Dogs and cats are great companions for humans; but they’re bound to have accidents, chew on something they shouldn’t, or otherwise cause small bits of damage. As a landlord, you need to accept this as a means of doing business. Part of being a landlord is cleaning up messes, and dealing with, well, crappy things (this is customer service, after all). As long as your patient with your tenants, and their pets, you’ll be just fine.