Making Beautiful profile cards

22 June, 2018

LivingRoom is built to be easy to use, and beautiful to look at. Here is an example of how we made the new user profile card.

Property Manager Profile Card
We are really proud of this piece of Design

Designed to look simple

We created the user and landlord profile card to display information in a clear and concise way. The goal of this card is to display plenty of information to the user without looking cluttered.

This card is also designed to be very flexible. A user can see multiple cards in a list without being overwhelmed. Check out the screenshot of a card on a user's home page. The card reacts to the smaller size, omitting some information in order to look nice and play well with its surroundings.

Property Manager Home
the home page of a property manager

Designed to look playful

This profile card includes something that everyone should have, an avatar! Avatars add a sense of uniqueness and personality to your profile. Also, you can quickly see who a person is by looking at their avatar image form their profile.

Even if a user doesn't have an avatar, we use a nice icon as a placeholder. Below is an example of some tenants who haven't added their avatars yet.

Resident Listing
Resident cards look amazing in a list

Plenty more to come

This is just a sneak peek at some of the things we're working on at LivingRoom. We love to shared every step of the way, and we're excited to have you along for the ride.

Thats all for now!